"Krunk Canvas" Playmats / Desk Mats
"Krunk Canvas" Playmats / Desk Mats
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"Krunk Canvas" Playmats / Desk Mats

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Finally breaking into the gaming space, we're proud to show our prowess and present a collectible offering of high-caliber gaming accessories!

These limited-edition, Hand-Signed Krunkadelic Playmats are made in the USA by Inked Gaming, a small company in Corvallis, OR that's world-renowned for making the highest quality playmats on the market.

We have two sizes available:

  • Standard 24" x 14", the TCG industry standard size for organized play; and
  • Oversize 28" x 14", to show a full 4 more glorious inches of art when you play, or for when you really need that bit more space for all those permanents you stole from your opponents. (you know who you are.) Also plenty big enough for a small keyboard & mouse setup.

These mats feature stitched edges for extra durability, longevity, and luxury, and are machine washable (Cold wash, no bleach, pat or hang dry.)

Each mat is individually signed, personally, by Arik Krunk. Pictures don't show a signature as they were taken before signing.

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