AK x moodmats Coasters
AK x moodmats Coasters
Absolute Krunk

AK x moodmats Coasters

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AK x moodmats


With the “War on Drugs” and the War on the Artists who enhanced your highs behind us, we are reimagining our logo without the anarchistic energy that was necessary forging the freedoms we enjoy today. Looking to the future with the hope our experience has earned us, we sculpt our image into a circus of rainbows.

We're proud to release a collaboration with moodmats, a company that upcycles over two tons of useable rubber every month that would otherwise clog landfills into high quality, nearly indestructible mats and coasters.

These limited-print upcycled neoprene coasters are the perfect size to save your tables from all the dope shit you put on them every day. At 4" x 9", they're big enough to fit your tube, your cup, and your sticky tools without awkwardly cramming them together. Each mat is individually numbered, and you will receive a random number from 1/250 to 250/250.

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